Upper Cervical Care and Autism

//Upper Cervical Care and Autism

Upper Cervical Care and Autism

Over the years, as Upper Cervical Chiropractors, we have seen some amazing stuff. The power of chiropractic care has, time and time again, proven to help those who come through our doors with various ailments, ranging from sciatic and back pain to multiple sclerosis and Autism. Yes, we said Autism.  Autism awareness has increased over the years, but parents of Autistic children have always tried various methods to improve their connection with their child and help their children cope better with the world around them – including chiropractic care.

What Type of Treatment Does Someone with Autism Receive?

All of our patients, including those with Autism, go through the same process. Starting with an initial consultation to discuss what brought the patient to our office, followed by an exam and x-rays. After reviewing the exam results and x-rays and comparing it to the information given to us during the consultation we then formulate a treatment plan that includes making the necessary upper cervical adjustments. Nothing extra is done or out of the ordinary for any patient; once we complete the adjustment, essentially our job is done. From there it is up to the body and its ability to heal itself to take over a reveal the results of the adjustment.

 What Types of Improvements Are Seen After an Adjustment?

Upper cervical chiropractic care and adjustments does not cure Autism, but it has been seen to help many of our patients. Parents have reported that their child’s behavior has improved in school and at home, drastically in some cases. Grades and school performance have gone up for some while others saw improvement in their child’s speech. Each person is affected differently by chiropractic adjustments but each one is always glad to have sought our help and our care.

How Does Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care Help?

Autism is a processing disorder. Someone diagnosed with autism can have a difficult time interpreting the world around them. Their brain signals easily get mixed up and the mind and body is not able to properly communicate which can cause behavioral issues, developmental delays, and other issues.

Chiropractic care seeks to aid the body in proper communication and natural healing. When a vertebra is out of place, it places pressure on the area around it, including the spinal cord (which protects your body’s central nervous system). The central nervous system is home to all the controls of the body; it connects your mind with the body and interprets the world and reacts accordingly. The C1 and C2 vertebrae (called the Atlas and the Axis) are the top vertebrae in your spine and closest to your brainstem. A correction of a misalignment in this area will help improve the body and mind’s communication and allow the body to properly function.


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