How To Stay The Superman Dad And Keep Up With Your Kids

//How To Stay The Superman Dad And Keep Up With Your Kids

How To Stay The Superman Dad And Keep Up With Your Kids

Happy Father’s Day!

With so many great fathers out there, we wanted to write a special article just for the dads. There’s a lot that goes into being a great father, mentally, emotionally, but especially physically. Many dads enjoy the active part of being a father – playing a game of catch, a game of basketball or football, chasing them around the yard – whatever it may be, there is definitely a special part of fatherhood that involves physicality.

You may think you’re simply getting too old to be the kind of dad you want to be, but don’t assume that you can’t keep up just because you’re getting older. Children really do have a way of helping keep us young – studies show that when compared to childless peers of their same age, dads aged 41 to 64 reported better health. So, here’s what you can do to make sure you’re able to keep up with the kids and stay SuperDad as you continue to grow older.

Take Care of Your Health

In order to be the father for your children that you want to be, you have to make sure you stay healthy enough to do so. Taking care of yourself is the first step in being a great father. The keys to maintaining good health are of course a healthy diet and exercise. Fathers can start by making sure they are creating a healthy diet for themselves and share this with their children – not only will you be making sure your healthy enough to be around for the kids, you will be teaching your children healthy habits as well. In addition to keeping yourself healthy, exercise will also help keep your body feeling young and strong, and then you will be better able to keep up with anything the children are doing. Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated, it can include daily activities with the children, but you want to make sure that you are getting enough to keep your body strong.

What To Eat

So, what exactly should you be eating in order to maintain a healthy diet? You want to start by adding as many fruits and vegetables to your diet as possible. Fruits and vegetables provide our bodies with the nutrients they need to maintain our overall health and energy levels. You will also want to make sure you are including lean proteins and healthy fats into your diet. You then need to eliminate any unhealthy eating habits. Subtracting simple (unhealthy) carbohydrates from your diet like processed foods, white flour, sugar, and corn syrup is where you should start. Many foods try to pass for being good for us but are truly imposters so make sure you are checking the labels, especially for sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Sodas have the highest concentration of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and caffeine of any food or drink available – so while they may create an initial spike in energy, this spike won’t last long, and you will soon be dealing with an energy crash. It is best to eliminate sodas and energy drinks from our diets completely. By making sure we are eating the right things and eliminating the wrong things, you can make sure we keep our bodies strong and healthy.

Eliminate Unnecessary Busy Work

Being SuperDad often requires that we know exactly how to prioritize and manage our time well. With the demands that work and the family put on you, it can be difficult to make sure we are prioritizing and managing our time in the best way. This is why you want to eliminate any unnecessary busy work and find an activity that you truly enjoy for your down time. Staying engaged both at work and at home will help keep your mind active, which will keep you healthier, stronger, and better able to keep up with the kids. Your children can also share with you in the activities you choose to enjoy, helping them learn new skills and creating a deeper emotional bond between you and the kids.

Limit Technology Time

Technology has a tendency to be addicting – whether it’s the tv, computer, or phone, the more we use it, the more difficult it is to stop. And while you may feel like using technology is a way to keep up with the kids, it really takes away from your quality time with them. Using technology excessively tends to suck the life out of us, decreasing our energy and undoing all the positive work we’ve done in the other areas of our life to maintain our health.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Other (Younger) Dads

No matter how young or old you are as a father, your age is going to come with both advantages and disadvantages. There is no reason for you to feel any less capable of being a great father simply because you are older than the fathers of your children’s peers. In fact, there are some things that you likely will be able to do better than those younger fathers simply because of your age – like provide better advice and security to your children.

Develop Emotional Bonds With Your Children

Emotional bonds with your children are not only going to help you stay connected to them but can also help you with your own health. Fathers who feel deeply connected to their children emotionally are more likely to not be deeply affected by the stresses in their professional careers. Many men tend to view their roles as fathers in the traditional breadwinner sense of being a provider for their children, however research shows that men who understand that their role as fathers also involve being a caregiver too, are more satisfied with their lives.

Explore The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care

Regular chiropractic care has many benefits in our overall health and well-being. The right chiropractic care can help keep your body feeling strong and pain free, and help you keep the energy you need to keep up with the kids.

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