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Growing Up Healthy From the Inside Out 

Health is controlled by the brain.  The brain coordinates the growth of bones, muscles, and organs through signals that are sent along nerves.  It also controls hormones and immune responses.  From the time the brain develops it controls and regulates all the systems (endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, etc.) of the body.

As children develop, the brain dictates the way the body grows and changes.  The brain helps adapt to illnesses, heal from bumps and bruises, and change our frame as we mature to adulthood.  If communication between the brain and body remains clear, proper growth and development can be expected.   However, nerve signal interference between the brain and the body can disrupt proper development and function.

If there is a misalignment in the craniocervical junction (the joints between the skull and the spine), it has the potential to disrupt nerve signals that are responsible for the health and function of the body.  Craniocervical misalignment is often overlooked by medical professionals.The consequences of craniocervical misalignment appear throughout development and into adulthood. 

Early Trauma Can Lead to Nerve Problems

Throughout childhood and adulthood there are experiences that have the potential to cause a craniocervical junction misalignment.  For example,  sports collisions, car accidents, roughhousing, head injuries or falls all have the potential of creating misalignment.  One of the most common physical traumas to the upper cervical spine is the forceful nature of modern medical birth.  

According to one study, approximately 80% of all babies born showed signs of nerve interference that improved with a gentle corrrection of the upper neck.

The consequences of a misalignment in the upper cervical spine can be widespread throughout the body. Symptoms relating to the misalignment may not present themselves for months to even years after the initial trauma.  Symptoms can range from neck pain, back pain, posture changes, and headaches to chronic stress, sleep disorders, and neurodegenration.  The longer the misalignment is causing interference in nerve signals, the more degeneration the nerves and the body can accumulate.  

Early Intervention is Key

The goal of Upper Cervical care is to ensure that there is proper nerve communication between the brain and the body.  The earlier in life the nervous system is checked for interference, the healthier that individual can develop and grow.  Upper Cervical care is a unique form of chiropractic care focused on identifying nerve interference that can cause dysfunction.  Once identified, extremely gentle and specific corrective alignments are done to the upper neck to re-align the craniocervical junction. When the craniocervical junction is aligned the communication between the brain and the body is restored,  resulting in a healthy body.

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