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Posture Control

Posture imbalance is often a consequence of nerve interference in the upper neck. The “posture control center”, called the vestibular nucleus, is located in the brainstem.  The brainstem is located between the base of the brain and the top of the neck, descending through an area called the craniocervical junction. 

The vestibular nucleus influences all of the muscles responsible for keeping you upright and balanced. The joints and muscles of the upper neck influence the nerve signals that are sent to the vestibular nucleus. If there is no interference in the nerve signals being sent to the brainstem,  the muscles will respond by creating a balanced and even posture. When the muscles in the upper neck  are stretched unevely, the information being sent to the brainstem results in an imbalanced posture.

A misalignment of the craniocervical junction can cause nerve interference in the brainstem. This misalignment between the bones of the upper cervical spine effect the muscles that send nerve signals to the vestibular nucleus.  This means a single misalignment in the upper neck can effect the posture of the entire spine.

Effects of Nerve Interference

If a posture imbalance is caused by nerve interference, then stretching and strengthening the muscles will only have a minor effect on correcting it.  Prolonged posture imbalance caused by a problem in the brainstem can be identified by one or more of the following ways:

  • head tilt
  • uneven hips
  • restricted neck movement
  • uneven weight distribution
  • uneven shoulders
  • one leg shorter than the other
  • abnormal spinal curvature
  • imbalanced walking or running

These posture imbalances can leave the spine and joints more vulnerable to injuries during activity.  It can also cause uneven wear and tear on the joints of the spine and body.  If left untreated, this wear and tear can lead to significant pain and degeneration.  Pain medication only covers the effects of the problem, but leaves the root cause untouched.

Correct the Root Cause

With a precise correction to the upper cervical misalignment, nerve signals can be restored to normal. When nerve signals in the brainstem are balanced, the signals controlling posture muscles will improve, and posture will return to a more balanced position.  As your body balances and heals, pain is naturally reduced.

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