Sensory Processing and the Connection with the Upper Neck

What could amplify the senses as the nerve signals travel to the brain?

It should be easy to process your physical senses accurately. However, disorders in the way we feel our senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell can lead to senses that are too strong or very weak.

These hyper- or hypo-sensitivities can be related to the way nerve signals travel to the brain. It is possible that a misalignment in the upper neck can interfere with these signals, leading to sensory issues.  In this short video, we talk about the way that the alignment of the upper cervical spine can have a direct impact on the way that senses interpreted by the brain..

Upper cervical care is an important part of sensory restoration. Whether the problem is numbness, hearing issues, or sensitivities to light and sound, it is important to see if the interference is coming from the top of the neck.

Can Upper Cervical Help You With Sensory Processing?

The best way to find out if Upper Cervical Care is right for you is to schedule a consultation with one of our Upper Cervical chiropractors.  The doctors who work at the Upper Cervical Centers has spent years of postgraduate training focused on correcting the craniocervical junction.  We have offices in Brandon and St. Petersburg, covering the Tampa Bay region.  To schedule a consultation, call (813) 644-7190. By sitting down with you and learning more about your case, we can determine if Upper Cervical care may be able to help you with sensory processing issues such as numbness or hypersensitivity, as well as other health issues.


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