Migraines – Understanding their Connection with Brain Fluid

Have you ever wondered what causes pressure during a migraine?

Although it can be debilitating, pressure in the head is not just a random symptom on the list. It is strongly connected to a problem with the cerebrospinal fluid (the fluid around the brain) and the way it flows in your brain. In this short video, we talk about migraines and their connection with this brain fluid.

Upper Cervical care is an essential part of recovery from migraines. It is particularly powerful with those who experience pressure in the head, because a pill cannot fix this fluid flow problem. However, aligning the upper cervical spine can improve this flow greatly.

Can Upper Cervical Help Your Migraines?

The best way to find out if Upper Cervical Care is right for you is to schedule a consultation with one of our Upper Cervical chiropractors.  The doctors who work at the Upper Cervical Centers has spent years of postgraduate training focused on correcting the craniocervical junction.  We have offices in Brandon and St. Petersburg, covering the Tampa Bay region.  To schedule a consultation, call (813) 644-7190. By sitting down with you and learning more about your case, we can determine if Upper Cervical care may be able to help you with your migraines and other health issues.


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