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The Missing Link in Fitness

The pursuit of physical fitness can drive athletes to push themselves beyond normal limits.  It takes dedication and intense mental focus.  Human fitness is built upon the pillars of high quality nutrition, consistent hydration, dedicated training, oxygen saturation, and quality rest.  However, the most important pillar is often neglected or overlooked.

In order for any muscle to work, it needs to get a nerve signal.  It is like the spark that lights the fire.  Without a nerve signal from the brain, the muscle simply exists but does not move at all.

All muscle function, activation and coordination comes directly from the brain and brainstem.  It is the brain that ties together the muscles to coordinate their function.  It is the brain that calibrates the strength and speed of the muscles when you move.  And it is the brain that will keep you from getting injured when you push yourself to the limit.

A Major Interference

Athletes often hit a plateau before they ever reach their true peak.  Even the strongest athletes have more power in them, and runners have more speed in them.  This hidden potential is found by unlocking the fullest potential of the brain to drive your body to its peak.

The major cause of this interference in the brain’s signals can be found in the upper neck.  Old sports injuries, concussions, whiplashes, and even the birth you go through as a baby has the potential to cause these nerve signals to be weaker than they should be, and this will directly limit your full potential.

The problem is that no one is looking for it.  Instead, we supplement harder, train more aggressively, modify our techniques, tape and wrap our joints, and never unlock this potential of our brain.

Until now.

Through upper cervical care, athletes of every sport and age have seen major improvements in their fitness levels.  Balance and coordination have improved.  Speed and strength increase.  The body becomes nearly injury proof.  Trainers and coaches are able to push their clients and athletes to unparalleled heights.  And all of this comes from unleashing the brain’s full potential through upper cervical care.

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