How Having Good Posture Can Make You Money

//How Having Good Posture Can Make You Money

How Having Good Posture Can Make You Money

Posture is perhaps the most subconscious expression of ourselves. Luckily for those of us with poor posture habits, it is possible to make changes to the way we hold ourselves, and in by doing so, we can better shape our lives and even our bank accounts.

Most people spend hours every day sitting down and slouching over a desk – a habit which can put extra pressure on the spine while adding to chronic pain and deterioration of chest, back, and neck muscles.

Beyond the physical harms of slouching, research suggests that poor posture can actually affect just how people see themselves, and those with an upright posture are able to easily recall positive thoughts and tend to have a much better self-image.

Not only will a healthy posture assist you in reducing or stopping back and neck pain, it can also improve your stress levels, mood, self-confidence, your digestion, and breathing as well as your productivity and appearance. A good posture can increase your confidence and promote your self-assurance to others.

Sitting upright increases the likelihood that you will think positively. The next time you struggle with a negative attitude or drama in your workplace, just straighten up, take a deep breath, and clear your mind. Your mindset and mood will change, enabling you to focus on your work and get more things done.

A productive, reliable, self-confident, and professional looking employee is more likely to receive a promotion or a raise. If you only work part-time, you increase your chance of getting more shifts or the more profitable shifts through your increased confidence and productivity.


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