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Restoring Breathing by Correcting the Spine

Healthy breathing and effective sleep are essential to maintain health. When your breathing breaks down, your health, energy, clarity and even posture will decline as well.  It is important to understand the root causes of your breathing problem, not just the name of the problem.  Apnea, snoring, clenching your jaw, grinding your teeth, and temporal headaches all have very common roots that indicate an airway issues that can be corrected.

We notice the obvious airway problems when we start to show signs of restricted breathing during the day or at night.  However, the cascade of symptoms that come from these airway problems is much more intricate and looks more like this:

As you can see in this diagram, there is an intimate connection between the airway, the craniocervical junction (CCJ which is the upper neck) and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).  This hurricane of problems continues to tear down your health daily and shows no signs of letting up.  O

nce caught in this cyclone of neck and airway problems, it can be challenging to escape.  When there is a problem with one of these areas, there is a problem with all of them, and it continues to decline your health and function, leading to a host of secondary problems.  CPAP machines and airway devices often only patch the problem, but leave you looking for a solution.  You need to escape the cycle.

Correcting the Breathing Cycle

When you begin to look at the complicated nature of a breathing problem, it is essential to break the entire cycle to restore breathing to normal.  Managing the symptoms of a breathing problem only give you temporary relief or a forced influx of oxygen into the system.  TMJ problems are often the end product of the airway and upper cervical spine issue.  The best first place to break the cycle is in the upper cervical spine.  By correcting the alignment of the upper neck, you are correcting



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