6 Ways To Relieve Joint Pain

//6 Ways To Relieve Joint Pain

6 Ways To Relieve Joint Pain

Joint pain usually involves more than just a joint aching for some unknown reason, or because of some form of arthritis.  Whatever the cause of pain, what may work to alleviate pain for one person often won’t work for another person.  And what works for a joint in the arm or hand may not work for someone else’s knee pain.  Again, there can be a lot of information associated with joint pain for the relief-seeker or patient to digest.


So, a good starting place is to look at well-researched remedies applying to almost every kind of joint pain.  For one, you can address leg pain by losing weight. Changing your eating habits  for the better can make a big difference in how much pain you experience from various kinds of discomfort, including arthritis.  It goes without saying among experts, extra weight puts greater pressure on your hips, knee joints, ankles, and feet.

Gentle Exercise

Next, many therapists recommend low-impact exercising to alleviate various types of joint discomfort.  Moving the parts of your body in fluid motions; for example, doing water aerobics or swimming, will flex various joints and keep stress to a minimum.  Whereas, trying to walk long distances or run may only create more damage to joints and increase your pain.

Hot and Cold Therapy

The application of hot and cold treatments can also make a big difference in helping calm arthritis pain. To implement these techniques, you can take a long, warm shower or bath.  Some people have used an electric blanket successfully, while others found that a moist heating pad could do the job. Each of these methods tend to work well in keeping your joints loose.


Acupuncture, an old Chinese practice to help multiple categories of pain, seems to be growing in popularity. Patients who have tried it – seemingly, the majority of them – claim it works wonders in living up to its claims: Basically, to reroute energies while restoring balance throughout your body.  The World Health Organization has even endorsed this treatment for more than 100 different conditions.


A lesser known approach is to add turmeric, a spice commonly found in Indian cuisine, to your meals.  Although not medically validated across multiple agencies, the National Institute of Health claims that turmeric given to lab rats on multiple occasions reduced inflammation within the animal’s joints.  Some testimonial evidence exists that the spice just may help people suffering with joint pain.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Finally, the community of specialists who work with upper cervical procedures have documented evidence that care of the upper spine region can help alleviate multiple forms of pain throughout the body. There certainly seems like enough evidence for what upper cervical procedures can do to point pain sufferers for treatment specialists to pay more attention to this practice.  


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