How To Help Your Children Have A Healthy, Fun, And Happy Summer

//How To Help Your Children Have A Healthy, Fun, And Happy Summer

How To Help Your Children Have A Healthy, Fun, And Happy Summer

The long-awaited summer time is finally here. Children are excited to be out of school, but for many parents, summer brings about the stress of trying to figure out a way for your children to have fun and be happy but also stay healthy throughout the summer. We have put together ideas on how to help your children have the healthiest, happiest, and most fun summer they can.

Manage Stress

If you are stressed out as a parent, then your children are going to feel this same stress and won’t be able to enjoy their summer vacation as much as they should be. Summer is a time for families to relax, unwind, and spend time together. When you have a day off and are able to do something with the kids find a way to get out of the house – go to the beach, visit a park or a museum, or go see a movie and get ice cream. The possibilities are just about endless during summer, so find something you can all enjoy together as a family.

Wear Sunscreen

Getting outside is important during the summer as it keeps us active and gives us the benefits of the sun’s healthy vitamin D, but with that sun exposure we are also exposed to the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Make sure everyone in the family is wearing sunscreen every day, whether you will be out in the sun for a short period of time or for a longer period of time. If you are going to have an extended day in the sun, then make sure to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. You should choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that is a minimum SPF of 30. Applying sunscreen first will save you and your children the hassle of dealing with a painful sun burn and protect against other serious skin damage later on.

Stay Active

One of the most difficult things to do during the summer can be keeping our children active. Many children see summer as the time to relax and lounge around, but we want to continue to promote the healthy lifestyle habits that we promote all year round. Make sure children are getting enough exercise and outdoor play before they are allowed to spend time watching tv, playing video games, or playing on the computer. Try to fill your calendar and plan fun family activities ahead so you will be prepared all summer long and you won’t find yourself hearing the common summer complaint “I’m bored!”

Just because summer is a time for fun doesn’t mean that it has to be a time to break healthy habits. Follow our tips for a healthy lifestyle and you will also find yourself and your children having the best summer ever!


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