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Pushing Harder is one of the seminars in Upper Cervical Center of Brandon’s Health and Healing Series.  This seminar taking a deep look at the way the brain influences physical performance and athletic potential.  In this 60-minute hands-on style seminar, Dr. Chris Slininger will be focusing on the keys to unlocking maximum performance in the human body.

This event is geared toward athletes and trainers, however the information is relevant for anyone seeking to improve their physical performance.  The knowledge gained from this information will help athletes and trainers increase performance, consistently reduce injuries, and improve balance and coordination in all physical activities.

How To Register

This event is free.  To register, just call the Upper Cervical Center of Brandon at (813) 644-7190 and let the office know how many people will be attending with you.

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What You Will Need

Please come on time or early to the seminar.  We will be starting on time.  We will be providing note packets for you to follow along with the information.  You do not need to bring anything else.