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Online Courses

Eating Perfectly Masterclass: Online Course

The Eating Perfectly Masterclass is a complete online course teaching you how to eat healthy without getting attached to diet plans.  This course teaches you:

  • How your body naturally craves food that it needs (and how to break the food addictions).
  • How your brain controls your digestive system.
  • How you choose your food wisely without a diet plan.
  • How to select healthy food successfully.
  • Strategies for weight loss, strengthening, and cleaning your digestive system.
  • How to improve your eating over time while learning from your own body.

Click the link below to go to the course sales page and learn more details.  You will have lifetime access with enrollment.

Course Length: 30+ Videos (4+ hours) with downloads

Webinars Included: 

  • JANUARY 6 @6pm – Eat What You Crave
  • JANUARY 13 @6pm – Emotional Eating and Food Addictions
  • JANUARY 20 @6pm – Healing your Gut in Proper Sequence
  • JANUARY 27 @6pm – The Detox/Fuel Up Cycle
Enroll in Course $127 (36% off for patients)


WEBINAR: Recovering from Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Too many military personnel are experiencing mild traumatic brain injuries from head impacts and blasts. These injuries and many of the associated symptoms have been misunderstood, leaving our veterans and their families with the long term effects of their military and combat service without an answer as to WHY the symptoms persist. Headaches, dizziness, stress, poor focus, cognitive decline, vision problems, PTSD related disorder and more have been stealing the life out of our best Americans. It is time for this to stop.
Dr. Slininger, an upper cervical chiropractor and Veteran, will be discussing the mechanisms behind mTBI from a mechanical standpoint. His expertise in the craniocervical junction and 8 year investigation on this topic has allowed him to dive deep into ROOT CAUSES of persistent symptoms related to mTBI that are often overlooked.​​​​​​​  Often the problem can be found in the upper cervical spine and it has a big effect on the function of the brain.

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WEBINAR: An Overview Of Upper Cervical Care

Upper cervical care is a very specialized approach to correcting the spine and improving the function of the body and brain simultaneously.  This webinar dives into the complications of an upper cervical misalignment and how the Advanced Orthogonal technique can correct the upper neck misalignment.

Run Time: 1 Hour

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WEBINAR: Eating Perfectly Without a Plan

The Eating Perfectly Without a Plan webinar teaches you how to eat the food that you crave in order to get the most nutrition from your food.  It is a powerful starting point towards healthy eating and you will be able to get rid of your diet plans (seriously)!
This webinar will accelerate your learning from my nine years of trial and error, years of college and continuing education, as well as my successes and failures. You get to learn the core of my knowledge in 1 hour.  The complete Online Course is also available if you want to continue to learn more.

Run Time: 1 Hour 10 Min

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WEBINAR: Foundations for Healing

The Foundations for Healing Webinar gives you a rock-solid starting point for understanding health and wellness.  By applying the principles taught in this webinar, you are setting yourself up for long term success in your health and healing.  You will learn:

  • The 5 Pillars of HealthThese are the foundational principles that all your health decisions must be based on.
  • #1 Catalyst Toward Better HealthThere is nothing more powerful than this…and it’s built right into your own body.
  • 5 Steps to Build Unbreakable HealthSimple yet potent ways you can superchanrge your health right now.

Run Time: 1 Hour

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