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Our Mission: Restoring Generational Health

We know that the human body is fearfully and wonderfully made.  It has the capacity for healing so far beyond what we are taught to believe.  We hear story after story of health being restored through upper cervical care as well as applying the principles of personal health practices like improving diet, detoxing the body, exercising, and more.

We each inherit certain genetic potential from our ancestors, but it is the decisions that we make in our life that determine how that potential is expressed.  By making different choices, especially healthier choices, we change the expression of that potential in our own lives.  Even more importantly, we pass on the knowledge and the generational blessing of a healthier genetic inheritance than we received ourselves.

It is our mission to change health generationally, improving the potential of vitality for the next seven generations.  We are committed to do more than just provide expert care.  We are committed to pour into our communities and teach the foundational principles of how to steward the health that we all have the potential to live in.  Generational habits will break, limitations will evaporate, and the true health potential that you and your family are given by God will be realized.

We encourage you to get involved with us through some of the programs and classes we offer, and parter with us to spread the blessing of this message and the knowledge that will change lives.

Health By His Design

Dr. Chris Slininger and Dr. Nick Schar are responding to the call to establish generational health in the Body of Christ.  Health By His Design is the climax of this mission.  It is our desire and calling to bring awareness and education into the Body of Christ to help restore health and wellness in the church community.  To learn more, watch he short preview or watch the entire introductory presentation (below).  In this presentation, you will have the opportunity to experience PhD level revelation on:

  • God’s Design for Physical Wholeness
  • Root causes to disease and pain
  • How to restore God’s Blueprint for Wholeness

Health By His Design

Health by His Design has an entire follow-up curriculum that is available to churches.  We would love to bless your church community by having one of our doctors talk at your church, teaching some or all of the 8-class curriculum of Health by His Design.  The curriculum includes:

  • Heal the Brain, Heal The Body
  • The Healing Power of a Peaceful Mind
  • Fitness and Movement
  • Eating Perfectly Without a Plan
  • Natural Immunity
  • Pharmakeia – The True Nature of Drugs and Medication
  • Genetic Inheritance
  • Generational Blessing

If you would like to speak to us more about bringing Health By His Design, in part or in whole, into your church community with one of our doctors, please contact us at or call (813) 644-7190.  A private meeting between one of our doctors and a least one of your church leaders can be set up to discuss Health By His Design.

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